The Shopaholic Series!
Being a shopaholic (well,more of a window,bargain hunting type of) shopaholic actually, makes it all the more merrier reading the joys and tribulations of Becky..

I guess while Becky shops at branded places, i shop at thrift stores or cheaper stores rather than boutiques,u know more of those mass-produced chains..I go crazy over earrings, accessories, tops,books, novel objects(like a chocolate-cookie shaped mirror) and practically anything that can be bought as a gift for me or others..
I dun have a credit card( to the chagrin of credit card companies!) YET(ya,fret not..there's still hope)..but i can spend really fast..

I do have real-life moments such as when once, my half said why did you get two travel sets for $19.90?U just need one and u dun even travel much! And i went " well,it's a bargain wat! If i bought one, it will be $14.95 u know! So,just by paying another $5 more,i get a whole other set as well..what's not to like???? " Grudgingly, he kept quiet but not before telling me off for buying two of smthg i dun need..
Needless to say, when two weeks later, i realised that the travel set's price had been slashed to about $6.95 or $7.95(I can't remember or rather not wish to remember such trivial details,i need my memory for better stuff, than regrets like this..)....I didn't breathe a word...

well,enough of the confessions of a budget/bargain shopaholic..
i actually can't wait for the next instalment of Shopaholic Series(hopefully there's one and many more to come)..

When i told an acquaintance that I was a fan of this series, she gave me a look and said "So Bimbotic"..what??! since when is it bimbotic to read chick-lit about a gal who although has a weakness to indulge in spending, still manages to sort thru her problems with a great idea/solution? This is learning crisis management in the creative way!! I always found Becky's or (Sophie Kinsella's) way of resolving her problem ingenious..
And, ahem,i admit,i love the romance between Luke and Becky..haha..well,i think there's nothing wrong in a girl loving the way romance brews between two characters, especially one the Guy seems to be a dream guy..except for his obsession with business of course...
I always pictured Luke to look like Eric Mabius -the actor who plays Daniel in Ugly Betty! I know Luke's supposed to be British but I just thought that "Daniel" seemed like an ideal Luke to me!! Well, Hugh Dancy's not bad I guess, I liked him in Ella Enchanted..

I guess the judgment has to wait till I watch the film version which opens next month here..I really hope they dun edit out parts of the book. I totally hate it when one of my beloved books takes to the big screen and then chunks of it are brutally pulled out or rearranged such that it looks like an edited version of the original..I feel that one of the reasons why people decide to adapt a book to the big screen is cos the book has been wildly popular..the ORIGINAL PRINTED version of the book that, when u decide to adapt the book, u shld realise that when fans of the book come to watch it, they expect to see the characters and incidents in the book larger than life on the screen..not one where u feel as though the screen version in ur mind seemed better than what was on the theatre screen! What u picture in ur mind kinda flows through as u read the book..So,u wldnt be like "erm,this part fits in better here or i think this incident is unnecessary"..
SO,movie makers - do try to stick to the original story fully..I of course understand when there are some scenes tat may not be easy to recreate on the big screen or smthg..but with technology accelerating so fast, im sure anything's possible or at least it is supposed to be minimal..
Let's see if Shopaholic the movie does justice to the book!
It better..*growls*

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