Full House....thus began my very 1st major addiction to a Korean drama..but what started it off was I started watching "Down with Love", the taiwanese drama starring Jerry Yen and Ella...I was looking all around for its CD but wasn't out yet..so suddenly, i thought why not just watch one of the drama boxsets my elder sis alrdy bought...
Out of pure randomness, i chose "Full House" starring Rain and at first I wasn't super impressed. But by the second episode i was hooked man!!!! I started on Thurs night, continued Friday. My friday session kickstarted at 930pm and only ended at 430am!!!! What's more my mum got dragged into it, albeit willingly:)
We left only the last disc (ie the last 4 episodes) to continue on Saturday. And we did finish it today!!!
Really nice drama - i always enjoyed such themes; people who cannot stand each other, but bounded by marriage, eventually ending up finding the goodness in each other and learning that subconsciously, marriage is something very sacred to them, to their plesant surprise. "HAPPY", my ALL time Telugu favourite movie also has this theme, "Priyamanavalae", and now "Full House"!!!!!
Initially, I didn't like Rain, cos well, i found Jerry much more good looking, but over the episodes he kinds of grows on u...the three bear songs, the bickering, the smart lines
("pls don't talk to the poultry, just eat it.", when u are not home, the house feels dark and lonely....erm, dark cos...there's noone to switch on the light!!!!!(classic man!!!)" , numerous unforgettable scenes that make u laugh out loud, or feel so touched ( sushi feeding, three bears performance, the scene where rain says that he really thought that they were breaking up for real, bike teaching,etc etc, countless etcs!)
the little little things they do , even though it's supposedly a business deal (waiting up, panicking when one isn't home yet, replacing the ring/recorder just cos the other found it to be important, rain very carefully washing his fingers without damaging the "ring" the heroine drew for him, turning up at the movie theatre, rain never removing the ring from his fingers after he knew that it means alot to the heroine)
...such minute yet powerful actions that show that there's smthg more stronger than bonds them..amazing....
The last episode was a tad slow and like the heroine has a weird change of mind when just at the beginning she said "i dun think i want to marry you", yet suddenly she's ok....the ending, could have been even more perfect if perhaps, they showed them at the aisle, exchanging vows, this time for real, and then perhaps them interacting with the family members as well. Thought that the family members could have been included in the finale..
But, still, i really Love the series!!!!!!! am planning to buy one set myself.. I heard there was a full house 2 coming up, if only it was this cute couple again in the cast:)

Ahahahaha, Azai AzaiFighting, Awwwww!!!!
Some days...
i feel a strong sense of purposefulness and with it comes, boundless energy that makes me really whip around the household, getting things into order, sweeping,mopping, drying and folding clothes,running after the kids and clearing their messes and a new skill i've acquired of late - operating the washing machine...actually the full works. All that remains is mastering cooking and i would make the mark for the perfect domestic goddess.

Some days,
laziness and inertia creep in so strongly and sluggishness takes over that I'm barely able to lift a finger to do anything. It irritates the hell out of me (and mum) and much as i want to do something, i don't. I feel like the epitome of laziness and i hate it. And instead of doing something about it, here i am, lazingly on my bed, typing on my blog....

This has always been a horrible flaw in my character - when i begin somethng, do it with gusto..but suddenly i lose interest and that's it...
This has been the sad fate of things like exercise, facial care, cross stitch, folding stars, dressing up nicely for school, other crafts, memberships and countless other things...

Gosh!! get a grip!!!
Get out of the bed and DO something. SOMETHING!!!!!
Today, i discovered yet another IT feature: the OneNote...
it's pretty cool, just like something i would do in handwriting.. wish i knew about it sooner. The discovery was through pure idle curiosity alone. Getting sidetracked en route to clicking MS Word, it suddenly occurred to me to click on the OneNote symbol and bam!; i was amazed.
Guess, sometimes, there are great things that are brought to light by the most accidental or random discoveries :)

I also watched Magadheera today. I think it means Great Warrior (telugu people, pls forgive me for any fallacies). Pretty cool movie, I'm glad no good people died(apart from the father(s) of course)! I was thinking that oh no, they were going to kill Sher Khan/Solomon, but my eyes were saved from such sorrow. One thing I didn't get though was, if Bhairava could feel the "electric"/cosmic connection to Mitra, why didn't she feel it? Kinda missing logic?

Apart from that, it was pretty neat. There were some reallly intelligent moves, such as the throwing of Ghora instead of Mitra/Indhu [my heart really jumped out of place when Bhairava(i prefer this name to Harsha:P), pushed down "Indu". but of course, if he did, the movie would have no meaning.]

Another move was the ending, where his sword sliced off the hand of Raghu. It was smart and refreshing instead of just plunging through his chest or something. All these show the detailed thoughts of the director and kudos to him.

Ram Charan Teja carried the Kala Bhairava role extremely well, albeit i am not a fan of his slicked back hairstyle in the first biking scene :P. His hair looked really good for the warrior role though. I kept hearing that Kajal excelled in this movie, and to be entirely honest, I'm not a big fan of her or her looks. But I felt that in this movie, she had the stature and presence of a real princess, so congrats to her! Sri Hari's presence may be brief but he really leaves an indelible impression :)
Overall Magadheera is a good, impressive film!

P.S. I was just scanning my blog and i realised today marks exactly one year since I watched Yaavarum Nalam -that's one AWESOME IMPRESSIVE movie man!!!! (",)
"என் இதயம் உடைத்தாய் நொறுங்கவே!
என் மறு இதயம் தருவேன் நீ உடைக்கவே !"

"உயிரே உன்னை உன்னை எந்தன் வாழ்கைத்துணையாக ஏற்கின்றேன் ஏற்கின்றேன் !

இனிமேல் புயல் வெயில் மழை , பாலை சோலை இவை , ஒன்றாக கடப்போமே (amazing lyrics) !

உன்னை தாண்டி எதையும் ..என்னால் யோசனை செய்ய ..முடியாதே முடியாதே !"

yes, you guessed it right! i just discovered the whole world of transliteracy...slow, i know...but i'm happy at least i got it now.. above are the current lyrics lilting me at the moment..

i have also been attempting the makeover of the blog...feeble attempts but im still trying it out!
A few incidents have culminated(hope i'm using the word correctly) in the writing of this post.
I chanced upon a JC classmate's blogs, yes she has 3 of them in all. One's a travel blog and the other is personal ponderings. Looking at her vivid and frank writing, i was so impressed and thought "Now, THAT"s a blog." Whoever said, blogs had to be daily recounts!

Just watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya today. SLOW REALITY...but Simbhu makes a mark. Understated is the new black. I have no way of contacting him but kudos to him-excellent Karthik! Trisha's dubbing by Chinmayi just reminded me of Vaaranam Aayiram Sameera's character. While her voice suited Sameera, i think it wasn't that good for Trisha.

The part after the last song, it all seemed to converge into a blur. But i got it.
I agree it's sad but it's not exactly "cry-cry" sad. Sad, not tragic. It's more of reality. The sadness we experience in reality when we don't get to unite with the one we love. A pain that's bearable albeit terrible, bittersweet.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya - mudiyathu; nija vaazhgaiyil!

Sorry to disappoint but i wasn't head over heels in love with the soundtrack. But mannipaya did strike a chord, anbil avan not bad but my most favourite are just two lines from the track Hosanna

"yen idayam udaithaai norungavae!
yen maru idayam tharuvaen, nee udaikkavae!"

so beautifully sung that words cannot express it...i saw this lines written on a friend's facebook wall along with some more lines of the song - she's lucky!

Now, listening to Hosanna, especially the two lines, is so relaxing and puts me in the perfect mood to blog...
Guess Rahman's music is indeed magical :)

PS..i really hope someday Vijay will work with Gautham Menon! Surya has, Ajit is abt to, why not Vijay? I'm sure it'll help him break out of his typical mould.