Indeed it is...And no matter how cliched it sounds, this year DID fly by...
Thr strangest thing is this year, on this very last day of the year, I don't seem to have any reason for disliking this year..I seem to be loving my life!
Sure, I have my share of woes etc, but somehow Life seems to be blissful and I'm extremely thankful to God for that!
The worst that happened this year was I failed my graduating semester resulting in me not being able to wear the grad gown at all this year and this was after all the registering for the ceremony and renting the gowns...That was terrible but somehow it all worked out and 4 months from then, I seemed to haev survived the ordeal with little "battle scars".

Things I'm Happy for:

-I'm still as ever in Love with Arjun :) (But a strong contender exists in the form of Edward Cullen from Twilight;)

-My sweetheart released 2 movies this year (Excellent Vedam and Varudu and I caught Vedam IN THEATRE!) and my home indian channel screened three of his movie in the span of 3 months!)

- I managed to keep my path on track despite the stumbling block of delayed graduation

-My NIE classes

-My newfound friends in NIE, whom have made my world an even more beautiful place to live in

- My old friends who have managed to tolerate me and love me all these years


-Taiwanese/Korean dramas!! (it started with Down with Love and I'm still Krazy over these dramas!!!!!!!!!!!)

- My loving family, which saw the addition of little Bachu (Sharath), my nephew - 3feb2010

- My Heavenly Family :)

-GERMANY (Klose and gang) rocked the WORLD CUP!!!

-I started working ($$$$ ;))

it was or still IS an awesome year and I hope 2011 will be one that's full of love, life and laughter too!