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Lesson #4 : Waking up on the right side of the bed, more importantly with a smile may just make the whole day a really good n pleasant one!!!

Today was one of those oddly pleasant days where i woke up feeling really happy for some reason!!! N this was despite having the wake up call at 545 am. It's really an incredible feeling to feel so light hearted and happy. i ended up getting ready in a jolly mood, leaving to school on time and for the first time ever, reach my 8am lesson on time or even early, without enlisting the help of a cab!! Yeah me!!! Of course, on the way to uni, listening/watching songs of my beloved Arjun as well as songs of Mahesh Babu is just awesome and boosted my mood even more!!!

(yes, i have become Tollywoodised.. Naaku Arjunanthae chaala ishtham..aithae, nuvvekaenti ? (if by any weird coincidence, if smeone who knows Telugu chances upon this post, pls forgive me!! My telugu/non-telugu is primarily based on watching Arjun's 6 movies and a few of Mahesh's) :P)

Perhaps, my wonderful mood is because i had nothing due today. Last week's hassle of deadline after deadline every single day did take a toll on me, i guess.

Truly, today's start of the day was one of the best starts in recent times!! Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful day today. I treasure them and hope to make more of them happen.


It's not always awkward when you meet friends after several years. At times, it seems like no time has passed since the last time we met up with them. A reunion may just as well end up being the perfect girls' night out with the casual makan date & window shopping combo. Or in today's case a Swensen's B'day treat with the "Ugly" and the Wing! With window shopping and clicking away of camera included too!
Next date for girls nite out : 3 dec (tentative)

Note to self:
On account of the girls' nite out as well as preparatory work for the next day, this post was made after 12, hence the date may come as 4 nov! But this lesson is for 3rd nov ;)
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Lesson #3 : Just get rid of your distractions and u will be able to do your stuff in no time at all.
Once you focus on just one thing that you need to get done, and start working on it, you can get it done really quickly! Of course, the toughest part is always getting away from you distractions!!!
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Lesson #2 : Thank god for Ebay!!!!

In my recent obsession with Telugu Movies, i just realised they are not sold in stores here!! So, after endless searching, i turned to ebay n they have the dvds there!!! I have just placed my order..Let's see how it goes!!