13 APRIL 2009

Awesome Surya(6-pack nvr hurts the eye;) , interesting storyline, songs that touch the heart, amazing stunts and loads of interesting getups and locations...
i really admire Surya for choosing his projects carefully n for daring to put on different get ups..the first song showed the some of the various getups he had on over the years and it's all pretty impressive...Kudos to Surya!btw, i googled "Ayan" and apparently it means Brahma(the creator)...and also uniquely something..haha..i forgot..anywayz,

wow! it's been nearly a month since i last posted..well, as i had said in my last post..i did manage to stay off the books n FRIENDS long enough to get my work done..the last of my presentations was over today...hurray!
in the space of 1 mth...I...

  • watched Yaavarum Nalam -been meaning to blog abt this movie but nvr did cos of the wrk piling up..but AWESOME MOVIE!!! I LOVE MADHAVAN N I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE FOR DARING TO ACT IN A MOVIE OF A HORROR GENRE...this movie is one of the best Tamil horror movies i have seen in a LONG LONG time...no kidding..so ya..great job guys..I LOVE YAAVARUM NALAM..also, i watched it on the eve of Friday the 13th..but, after watching the thriller movie, SH and I had a mini-thriller experience of our own..u see, after watching the movie, we wanted to take an exit that leads directly to the car-park, so that it's less risky..so b4 the movie started, SH went to check out the exit that was to the right of the screen..it worked! so after the movie, we slipped into it..Unfortunately, it was 8 smthg..when we went past the door, it was pitch black..there was no light!!!!!all we knew was that sme distance down was a flight of stairs..but cos it was too dark to even try to navigate our way down the steps, we turned to the entrance thru which we came in..until this point, i was like "ok..we just open this door n go.."..but that was not to be it..cos the freakin door was ONE-way!!!!!!!just like in a horror movie, as we turned to the door, the door eerily swung shut,nvr to let us out...aaarghhh!!!!!!!!all hell broke loose!!! i started panicking and my heart was running a marathon..oh god!!so there we were in pitch darkness..SH was freaked too,but valiantly, he groped ard for his hp, so that we can get sme light from the screen! thank god his brains overcame his nerves..hehe...but even so, it was too dark..i was feeling really freaked n began praying..as we started down the steps,i was really panicky..As we made our 1st flight of steps down, there was a door...but that too was a dead end!!! oh my god...i felt like we were in a thriller movie of our own!!!so, down down down we went..hoping for the "green exit sign or something"..finally, after what seemed like several ages, a door led us out..Hi, Fresh Air!!!! even tho,i was relieved, my heartbeats just didnt slow for a really long time...SH was making fun of me but i knew abt him..he too was scared but too "macho" to deny..haha..but he did say, "of course,i can't show im scared wat! one person must be strong..anyway, i wasn't afraid of ghosts of whatsoever..i was more worried that the flight of stairs may not lead to an exit"...oh...i hadn't really thot abt that possibilty! maybe a bit..but my focus was on encounters with the third world-hello!!!!! what do u expect from a horror fan, who had just watched a horror/thriller movie?!! but, ya im glad that i have SH..altho..if he had checked out the exit fully,we wld nt be in this horror fest in the first place..hahahaha..i asked him but all he said was "of course i just checked that the door led to smewhere..u tink i expect it to be one way door n all that?"..ok, defence accepted...anyway, of course, having escaped thru that ordeal unscathed, we were able to laugh abt it on our way back...the experience, added more memories to the Madhavan movie i guess!haha..

  • Watched the long awaited Confessions of A Shopaholic..i liked the leads..BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>i do NOT like the changes made in the storyline..the little details,such as Luke's job, Suze-Tarquin, Colour of the DENNY GEORGE scarf, are wat that makes the storybook endearing..and to have that all ruthlessly chopped off..oh dear god...

  • watched Arundhathi- haha..March seems to be a horror fest...yet another chilling movie..pity it was dubbed though..also scenes appeared to be cut..but it was quite a decent effort i must say!

  • watched/borrowed/bought English movies..it started since last fri..after the week of presentations, i just caved in..last fri, i watched 27dresses and Enchanted half n half..Patrick Dempsey n James Marsden have been officially added to my dreamy guys list..even considering buying Grey's Anatomy seasons for the Former...heard he's McDreamy in that series..haha..over the weekend, i borrowed Just Married(hilarious! but is Brittany's laugh really so horrible in real life?), In Her Shoes (didnt find it that great), Definitely,Maybe (i liked Ryan Reynolds in this movie)....oh my god...i cannot even remember the other 3 titles i borrowed n watched!! oh wait..did i borrow just one at first?what's wrong with my memory??? ..anywayz, here are the movies i bought:

-Freedom Writers (really inspiring movie! too bad Patrick didn't have a meatier role.when i looked at the cover, i thought he will be one of the teachers or smthg?!)

-You've Got Mail (i know, i know...that movie came abt 10 yrs back..so? better to discover a good movie later than not to at all!!)

-Princess Diaries 1 (liked the book)

-Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement( preferred the book, i didn't like the way the movie drastically altered the storyline..just bought the movie so i have the complete set,instead of just the prequel)

Now, im thinking of getting more movies..but oh..the exam season is upon us..ho ho ho...god bless us!!!!