It's nearly official..I need help...I'm seriously a Storybookaholic..
I had to invent that term cos i don't think there are other people in the galaxy with a weird addiction like me..
Here I am with 3 papers due (1 is due TMR), 3 presentations and numerous other discussions and all i have done over the weekend is read..i read Meg cabot's Forever Princess, and finished up my Shopaholic Marathon...I can't seem to to control myself! People tend to be addicted to smoking,drugs,alcohol,video games (just one more level to go!), even Pringles(once u pop, u Seriously can't stop)..But me?? Im addicted to reading!!! Why god why??! I'm so addicted till i cannot get my daily work done till i finish reading the whole book...even when i have looming deadlines..

Seriously i think i have to hide my library cards till all my deadlines r done..maybe my Shopaholic series as well..and practically any other book i may have..come to think of it, i have to hide my Friends VCD collection(cos im addicted to it as well..all TEN seasons..12 CDs that's like 120 cds,with each abt 40mins long..oh forget it..i don't wish to do the math) ..after which i'll take a week off to read as many books as i can n after that it'll be mugging all the way till the exams...It's like quitting cold turkey..sobz*..Let's see how it goes...

On my way to look for Storybookaholics Anonymous and oh might as well "Friendsaholic (the sitcom) Anonymous"...on top of Shopaholics Anonymous(this really exists rite?)..
I openly declare my love ..for Cooper Cartwright! obviously he's fictitious cos good,chivalrous,soulmate guys just dun exist in the real world..Now, I'm having a hard time deciding who my heart belongs to -Luke Brandon (from Shopaholic) or Cooper Cartwright (from Heather Wells)...I love them both.. Currently, i am so crushing on Cooper Cartwright..He's so solid and so ..Man..haha..
I just happened to chance upon a series of blogs written by schoolmates of mine..and firstly,i didn't know so many of them blogged haha! But,i think it's a good way to know how they are doing and im truly happy that all of them seem to be doing really great...Practically everyone's attached- good to see everybody's heeding the advice of the Govt and finding their other halves pretty quickly! Just discovered that my CCA mate's girlfriend is a girl who was my classmate..pretty small world of luck to all my glad most of u are meeting u regularly..I seriously gotta start attending this class gatherings..haha..Anywayz, my warmest well wishes to all my fellow school mates, classmates,CCA mates,colleagues..basically anyone who has been part of my life in one point or another..Here's to u having great happiness and a blessed life ahead!