Well, well, well...
it has been an eventful time since the blog was last updated...
i guess a major turning point was 4 July 2009, which is a day that had a really unexpected turn of events. But the sad part would be it may all have been an illusion.
We never know what God has in store of us, all we can do is leave our worries and fate in his hands and it's all up to him to decide.
But you know,
when God suddenly comes to you and say "here's smthg u wanted last time, but i cldn't give it to u then. Now, i'm offering it to you. Do you want it?"

What if the " "thing" he was offering to u was smthg that u felt was out of ur grasp n had given up on it being a reality? " What if not getting it in the past, made u feel like that was one of the biggest regrets of ur life?"

Won't u grab the 2nd chance?

I did.

But now, i dunno if it was a selfish move.
Plus, knowing that everyone else thinks it's nt a reality, makes me feel even worse...
We shall wait and see, what the Gods have destined for me.