My current favourite TV programme is "The Biggest Loser"!!!!!
For the past month or more, i've been practically glued to the sofa at 7pm to the Hallmark Channel, watching this amazing show from Mon- Fri. I first caught it on a TV marathon one Sunday night. While i thot i would just catch one show from 10-11pm, i ended up watching all the way till 2am!! From then on,it was THE show to catch. I must confess, the real treat for me was at first, Bob Harper, this handsome personal trainer for the Blue team. Hence, my loyalty for all seasons has been for the Blue aka Bob's Team.
On a more personal level, it has inspired me to keep fit/exercise. I mean, if all these obese ppl can make a life change and run, keep fit etc, why can't I, since it is relatively easier for me to run? So,I'm thankful to "The Biggest Loser"- the weight loss show that inspired even the skinniest of people to keep fit.
So, i've been exercising more or less in the past mth or so. And guess what? I actually like running! Listening to my mp3 n running is so enjoyable! Ok, i may not run most 2.4km so far..but i would like to run further..So much so that i've decided to set some targets for myself to achieve..

POSB RUN for Kids (12Jul2009) - 3.5km
RUN NUS (30 Aug 2009) - 5km (I'm setting targets, not miracles!!)
Standard Chartered Marathon (smewhere in Dec) - 10km (Hopefully)

I'm gonna try my best to achieve them:)