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Lesson #4 : Waking up on the right side of the bed, more importantly with a smile may just make the whole day a really good n pleasant one!!!

Today was one of those oddly pleasant days where i woke up feeling really happy for some reason!!! N this was despite having the wake up call at 545 am. It's really an incredible feeling to feel so light hearted and happy. i ended up getting ready in a jolly mood, leaving to school on time and for the first time ever, reach my 8am lesson on time or even early, without enlisting the help of a cab!! Yeah me!!! Of course, on the way to uni, listening/watching songs of my beloved Arjun as well as songs of Mahesh Babu is just awesome and boosted my mood even more!!!

(yes, i have become Tollywoodised.. Naaku Arjunanthae chaala ishtham..aithae, nuvvekaenti ? (if by any weird coincidence, if smeone who knows Telugu chances upon this post, pls forgive me!! My telugu/non-telugu is primarily based on watching Arjun's 6 movies and a few of Mahesh's) :P)

Perhaps, my wonderful mood is because i had nothing due today. Last week's hassle of deadline after deadline every single day did take a toll on me, i guess.

Truly, today's start of the day was one of the best starts in recent times!! Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful day today. I treasure them and hope to make more of them happen.


It's not always awkward when you meet friends after several years. At times, it seems like no time has passed since the last time we met up with them. A reunion may just as well end up being the perfect girls' night out with the casual makan date & window shopping combo. Or in today's case a Swensen's B'day treat with the "Ugly" and the Wing! With window shopping and clicking away of camera included too!
Next date for girls nite out : 3 dec (tentative)

Note to self:
On account of the girls' nite out as well as preparatory work for the next day, this post was made after 12, hence the date may come as 4 nov! But this lesson is for 3rd nov ;)
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Lesson #3 : Just get rid of your distractions and u will be able to do your stuff in no time at all.
Once you focus on just one thing that you need to get done, and start working on it, you can get it done really quickly! Of course, the toughest part is always getting away from you distractions!!!
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Lesson #2 : Thank god for Ebay!!!!

In my recent obsession with Telugu Movies, i just realised they are not sold in stores here!! So, after endless searching, i turned to ebay n they have the dvds there!!! I have just placed my order..Let's see how it goes!!
Today, i officially turned 21.

21 = access to booze/ALL movies/opening a phone line, other legal matters,etc,etc...
From last time, i only knew that turning 21 means that u r given a key..a key to what?
What does the key represent? Freedom?
While it seems to make sense in a western context, im not sure if it does apply to an Asian context, particularly in an Indian context. To me, i dun see the point of receiving a key on my birthday, just for my parents to collect it back the next day from me. An Indian girl no matter how many 21s she goes thru in her life, 21...42...63...., she will always be confined in sme way or another...
21 - under her parents' shelter
42- under her husband's shelter
63-under her children's shelter..
At each stage, there will be some restrictions, implicit or explicit..they all still exist, regardless of how fast modernity may progress..

Perhaps, 21 just means that u r an adult which just means that u are fully responsible for ur actions in a legal way.

Or maybe, it's just about reflecting or pondering on life and its lessons...
So, henceforth..i have decided to spend a few mins each day to write down 1 lesson that i learnt for the day.

Here goes..
My very 1st lesson as a 21 year old - #1 " Not all things/events should be interpreted, cos not everything that happens or doesn't happen is a sign of something."

I got this cos today when i went temple, my mum got prasadham(sweet pongal) after we finished praying and even though i was beside her,i didnt get it. It felt to me like her prayers were answered but mine wasn't. I also cld not buy the garlands for my ayya n amma that i had envisioned. I also didnt get any "thing" per say from the gods.. the other time my sis went and she got bangles from amma.. i knw it sounds damn stupid to compare myself with her..but smehow the green eyed monster tends to pop out now and's not very 21ish..but i cannot help it...altho,i think being honest abt it is pretty adult...
then my usual grouse about the flowers i get..i always have this concept that orchids are bad while jasmine and yellow flowers are a good sign. But exactly 3 yrs ago, i was chided by Uncle who said " poo pothaa mattum pathaathu. so what if u get the flower" n things like that. so i have learnt to drop that thought. but cannot seem to help it when i do receive an orchid...haiz..there are loads of self-schemas i have got to alter..hahaha

So well, i cannot interpret or figure out what the gods' are thinking.. So i should stop worrying about it and think positively i guess... Here's to Positive Thinking!!

Yedhu Nadanthatho,
Adhu Nandraagavae Nadanthathu.

Yedhu Nadakiratho,
Adhu Nandraagavae Nadakirathu.

Yedhu Nadakkavirukkiratho,
Adhuvum Nandraagavae Nadakkum!!!
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Shopaholic's officially in love with A.Arjun!
from the 4 of oct 2009...
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!
this has hereby launched me into the telugu movie zone...
within 5 days, i watched all 6 of his movies...
cannot wait for more movies to come!!!
Well, well, well...
it has been an eventful time since the blog was last updated...
i guess a major turning point was 4 July 2009, which is a day that had a really unexpected turn of events. But the sad part would be it may all have been an illusion.
We never know what God has in store of us, all we can do is leave our worries and fate in his hands and it's all up to him to decide.
But you know,
when God suddenly comes to you and say "here's smthg u wanted last time, but i cldn't give it to u then. Now, i'm offering it to you. Do you want it?"

What if the " "thing" he was offering to u was smthg that u felt was out of ur grasp n had given up on it being a reality? " What if not getting it in the past, made u feel like that was one of the biggest regrets of ur life?"

Won't u grab the 2nd chance?

I did.

But now, i dunno if it was a selfish move.
Plus, knowing that everyone else thinks it's nt a reality, makes me feel even worse...
We shall wait and see, what the Gods have destined for me.
My current favourite TV programme is "The Biggest Loser"!!!!!
For the past month or more, i've been practically glued to the sofa at 7pm to the Hallmark Channel, watching this amazing show from Mon- Fri. I first caught it on a TV marathon one Sunday night. While i thot i would just catch one show from 10-11pm, i ended up watching all the way till 2am!! From then on,it was THE show to catch. I must confess, the real treat for me was at first, Bob Harper, this handsome personal trainer for the Blue team. Hence, my loyalty for all seasons has been for the Blue aka Bob's Team.
On a more personal level, it has inspired me to keep fit/exercise. I mean, if all these obese ppl can make a life change and run, keep fit etc, why can't I, since it is relatively easier for me to run? So,I'm thankful to "The Biggest Loser"- the weight loss show that inspired even the skinniest of people to keep fit.
So, i've been exercising more or less in the past mth or so. And guess what? I actually like running! Listening to my mp3 n running is so enjoyable! Ok, i may not run most 2.4km so far..but i would like to run further..So much so that i've decided to set some targets for myself to achieve..

POSB RUN for Kids (12Jul2009) - 3.5km
RUN NUS (30 Aug 2009) - 5km (I'm setting targets, not miracles!!)
Standard Chartered Marathon (smewhere in Dec) - 10km (Hopefully)

I'm gonna try my best to achieve them:)
13 APRIL 2009

Awesome Surya(6-pack nvr hurts the eye;) , interesting storyline, songs that touch the heart, amazing stunts and loads of interesting getups and locations...
i really admire Surya for choosing his projects carefully n for daring to put on different get ups..the first song showed the some of the various getups he had on over the years and it's all pretty impressive...Kudos to Surya!btw, i googled "Ayan" and apparently it means Brahma(the creator)...and also uniquely something..haha..i forgot..anywayz,

wow! it's been nearly a month since i last posted..well, as i had said in my last post..i did manage to stay off the books n FRIENDS long enough to get my work done..the last of my presentations was over today...hurray!
in the space of 1 mth...I...

  • watched Yaavarum Nalam -been meaning to blog abt this movie but nvr did cos of the wrk piling up..but AWESOME MOVIE!!! I LOVE MADHAVAN N I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE FOR DARING TO ACT IN A MOVIE OF A HORROR GENRE...this movie is one of the best Tamil horror movies i have seen in a LONG LONG ya..great job guys..I LOVE YAAVARUM NALAM..also, i watched it on the eve of Friday the 13th..but, after watching the thriller movie, SH and I had a mini-thriller experience of our own..u see, after watching the movie, we wanted to take an exit that leads directly to the car-park, so that it's less b4 the movie started, SH went to check out the exit that was to the right of the worked! so after the movie, we slipped into it..Unfortunately, it was 8 smthg..when we went past the door, it was pitch black..there was no light!!!!!all we knew was that sme distance down was a flight of stairs..but cos it was too dark to even try to navigate our way down the steps, we turned to the entrance thru which we came in..until this point, i was like "ok..we just open this door n go.."..but that was not to be it..cos the freakin door was ONE-way!!!!!!!just like in a horror movie, as we turned to the door, the door eerily swung shut,nvr to let us out...aaarghhh!!!!!!!!all hell broke loose!!! i started panicking and my heart was running a marathon..oh god!!so there we were in pitch darkness..SH was freaked too,but valiantly, he groped ard for his hp, so that we can get sme light from the screen! thank god his brains overcame his nerves..hehe...but even so, it was too dark..i was feeling really freaked n began we started down the steps,i was really panicky..As we made our 1st flight of steps down, there was a door...but that too was a dead end!!! oh my god...i felt like we were in a thriller movie of our own!!!so, down down down we went..hoping for the "green exit sign or something"..finally, after what seemed like several ages, a door led us out..Hi, Fresh Air!!!! even tho,i was relieved, my heartbeats just didnt slow for a really long time...SH was making fun of me but i knew abt him..he too was scared but too "macho" to deny..haha..but he did say, "of course,i can't show im scared wat! one person must be strong..anyway, i wasn't afraid of ghosts of whatsoever..i was more worried that the flight of stairs may not lead to an exit"...oh...i hadn't really thot abt that possibilty! maybe a bit..but my focus was on encounters with the third world-hello!!!!! what do u expect from a horror fan, who had just watched a horror/thriller movie?!! but, ya im glad that i have SH..altho..if he had checked out the exit fully,we wld nt be in this horror fest in the first place..hahahaha..i asked him but all he said was "of course i just checked that the door led to smewhere..u tink i expect it to be one way door n all that?"..ok, defence accepted...anyway, of course, having escaped thru that ordeal unscathed, we were able to laugh abt it on our way back...the experience, added more memories to the Madhavan movie i guess!haha..

  • Watched the long awaited Confessions of A Shopaholic..i liked the leads..BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>i do NOT like the changes made in the storyline..the little details,such as Luke's job, Suze-Tarquin, Colour of the DENNY GEORGE scarf, are wat that makes the storybook endearing..and to have that all ruthlessly chopped off..oh dear god...

  • watched Arundhathi- haha..March seems to be a horror fest...yet another chilling movie..pity it was dubbed though..also scenes appeared to be cut..but it was quite a decent effort i must say!

  • watched/borrowed/bought English started since last fri..after the week of presentations, i just caved in..last fri, i watched 27dresses and Enchanted half n half..Patrick Dempsey n James Marsden have been officially added to my dreamy guys list..even considering buying Grey's Anatomy seasons for the Former...heard he's McDreamy in that series..haha..over the weekend, i borrowed Just Married(hilarious! but is Brittany's laugh really so horrible in real life?), In Her Shoes (didnt find it that great), Definitely,Maybe (i liked Ryan Reynolds in this movie)....oh my god...i cannot even remember the other 3 titles i borrowed n watched!! oh wait..did i borrow just one at first?what's wrong with my memory??? ..anywayz, here are the movies i bought:

-Freedom Writers (really inspiring movie! too bad Patrick didn't have a meatier role.when i looked at the cover, i thought he will be one of the teachers or smthg?!)

-You've Got Mail (i know, i know...that movie came abt 10 yrs better to discover a good movie later than not to at all!!)

-Princess Diaries 1 (liked the book)

-Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement( preferred the book, i didn't like the way the movie drastically altered the storyline..just bought the movie so i have the complete set,instead of just the prequel)

Now, im thinking of getting more movies..but oh..the exam season is upon us..ho ho ho...god bless us!!!!

It's nearly official..I need help...I'm seriously a Storybookaholic..
I had to invent that term cos i don't think there are other people in the galaxy with a weird addiction like me..
Here I am with 3 papers due (1 is due TMR), 3 presentations and numerous other discussions and all i have done over the weekend is read..i read Meg cabot's Forever Princess, and finished up my Shopaholic Marathon...I can't seem to to control myself! People tend to be addicted to smoking,drugs,alcohol,video games (just one more level to go!), even Pringles(once u pop, u Seriously can't stop)..But me?? Im addicted to reading!!! Why god why??! I'm so addicted till i cannot get my daily work done till i finish reading the whole book...even when i have looming deadlines..

Seriously i think i have to hide my library cards till all my deadlines r done..maybe my Shopaholic series as well..and practically any other book i may have..come to think of it, i have to hide my Friends VCD collection(cos im addicted to it as well..all TEN seasons..12 CDs that's like 120 cds,with each abt 40mins long..oh forget it..i don't wish to do the math) ..after which i'll take a week off to read as many books as i can n after that it'll be mugging all the way till the exams...It's like quitting cold turkey..sobz*..Let's see how it goes...

On my way to look for Storybookaholics Anonymous and oh might as well "Friendsaholic (the sitcom) Anonymous"...on top of Shopaholics Anonymous(this really exists rite?)..
I openly declare my love ..for Cooper Cartwright! obviously he's fictitious cos good,chivalrous,soulmate guys just dun exist in the real world..Now, I'm having a hard time deciding who my heart belongs to -Luke Brandon (from Shopaholic) or Cooper Cartwright (from Heather Wells)...I love them both.. Currently, i am so crushing on Cooper Cartwright..He's so solid and so ..Man..haha..
I just happened to chance upon a series of blogs written by schoolmates of mine..and firstly,i didn't know so many of them blogged haha! But,i think it's a good way to know how they are doing and im truly happy that all of them seem to be doing really great...Practically everyone's attached- good to see everybody's heeding the advice of the Govt and finding their other halves pretty quickly! Just discovered that my CCA mate's girlfriend is a girl who was my classmate..pretty small world of luck to all my glad most of u are meeting u regularly..I seriously gotta start attending this class gatherings..haha..Anywayz, my warmest well wishes to all my fellow school mates, classmates,CCA mates,colleagues..basically anyone who has been part of my life in one point or another..Here's to u having great happiness and a blessed life ahead!
The Shopaholic Series!
Being a shopaholic (well,more of a window,bargain hunting type of) shopaholic actually, makes it all the more merrier reading the joys and tribulations of Becky..

I guess while Becky shops at branded places, i shop at thrift stores or cheaper stores rather than boutiques,u know more of those mass-produced chains..I go crazy over earrings, accessories, tops,books, novel objects(like a chocolate-cookie shaped mirror) and practically anything that can be bought as a gift for me or others..
I dun have a credit card( to the chagrin of credit card companies!) YET(ya,fret not..there's still hope)..but i can spend really fast..

I do have real-life moments such as when once, my half said why did you get two travel sets for $19.90?U just need one and u dun even travel much! And i went " well,it's a bargain wat! If i bought one, it will be $14.95 u know! So,just by paying another $5 more,i get a whole other set as well..what's not to like???? " Grudgingly, he kept quiet but not before telling me off for buying two of smthg i dun need..
Needless to say, when two weeks later, i realised that the travel set's price had been slashed to about $6.95 or $7.95(I can't remember or rather not wish to remember such trivial details,i need my memory for better stuff, than regrets like this..)....I didn't breathe a word...

well,enough of the confessions of a budget/bargain shopaholic..
i actually can't wait for the next instalment of Shopaholic Series(hopefully there's one and many more to come)..

When i told an acquaintance that I was a fan of this series, she gave me a look and said "So Bimbotic"..what??! since when is it bimbotic to read chick-lit about a gal who although has a weakness to indulge in spending, still manages to sort thru her problems with a great idea/solution? This is learning crisis management in the creative way!! I always found Becky's or (Sophie Kinsella's) way of resolving her problem ingenious..
And, ahem,i admit,i love the romance between Luke and Becky..haha..well,i think there's nothing wrong in a girl loving the way romance brews between two characters, especially one the Guy seems to be a dream guy..except for his obsession with business of course...
I always pictured Luke to look like Eric Mabius -the actor who plays Daniel in Ugly Betty! I know Luke's supposed to be British but I just thought that "Daniel" seemed like an ideal Luke to me!! Well, Hugh Dancy's not bad I guess, I liked him in Ella Enchanted..

I guess the judgment has to wait till I watch the film version which opens next month here..I really hope they dun edit out parts of the book. I totally hate it when one of my beloved books takes to the big screen and then chunks of it are brutally pulled out or rearranged such that it looks like an edited version of the original..I feel that one of the reasons why people decide to adapt a book to the big screen is cos the book has been wildly popular..the ORIGINAL PRINTED version of the book that, when u decide to adapt the book, u shld realise that when fans of the book come to watch it, they expect to see the characters and incidents in the book larger than life on the screen..not one where u feel as though the screen version in ur mind seemed better than what was on the theatre screen! What u picture in ur mind kinda flows through as u read the book..So,u wldnt be like "erm,this part fits in better here or i think this incident is unnecessary"..
SO,movie makers - do try to stick to the original story fully..I of course understand when there are some scenes tat may not be easy to recreate on the big screen or smthg..but with technology accelerating so fast, im sure anything's possible or at least it is supposed to be minimal..
Let's see if Shopaholic the movie does justice to the book!
It better..*growls*

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I kinda started this on a sudden whim..The blog's just gonna be like the title..just my musings about anything i feel like writing u know by now, im one who does things according to what i feel, it can smetimes take a split second for me to make a other times, i can mull over it for a Reaalllly long time...The blog's more for me rather than for general entertainment, or to update,pardon me if u have just happened to chance upon it and find it boring..erm,.actually, i dun need to be apologetic! U can always just go to the next blog..So,adios!