This post is pretty historical , even a milestone in my life. It marks the craziest thing I've ever done in my 21 years of my existence thus far and I'm sure that it wouldn't be broken anytime soon.
I, a Singaporean Tamil, watched a Telugu movie(my sweetheart's of course! I wld nvr do smthg as crazy as this for any other guy) alone at Shaw Balestier. Me, okka ammayi, thairiyangaa, cinemavukku velltunaanu...nenu allu arjun cinema "varudu" choostaanu...heck, i dun even do it for Tamil movies. 98 % was all guys...barely 2 families.
Prior to this "achievement", i was in total dilemma whther to go anot. i looked around for khakhis but didn't get any. i dun have telugu friends. earlier in the week, i called the contact no. given to book tickets- but the rapid telugu from the guy just stunned me and whatever little telugu i knew flew out of the MRT train. I gave up.
But by today, the kind of blind courage(sounds better in tamil) somehow overcame me and before i knew it, i contacted the guy again and asked for a ticket. unfortunately, signal got cut, so i painstakingly smses the guy in Telugu. Perhaps, dismayed by my lousy telugu, he didn't reply.
Around 6.25pm, i reached Shaw plaza. It suddenly looked like the field next to Mustafa. All guys. Guys that looked blatantly. Gosh....As a pre-emptive move, i alrdy adorned my shabbiest black polo tee and the face was devoid of any cream/makeup etc. Yet, the looks were strong, resulting in me getting almost knocked down by a cab.
Taken aback, i went to This Fashion for cover. Looking around, i felt that going into theatre may not be a good idea after all. Then i spotted an elderly lady and another family. That convinced me a little. The other big push factor was "Varudu" was just 4 escalators away from me...ivalavu dhooram vandaachu, why not the rest?
So i went up, though not without a detour at Poh Kim. Upstairs, more stares, more big groups.
I saw a queue and two people at a makeshift counter. People were giving names and collecting their reserved tix. I just went there and said my number not there. The man just looked at me and asked "How many tickets?". I said "one". He gave me the onceover, and then gave me a ticket, adding in an afterthought - "it's a telugu film". Adhu naaku telida?Gosh!
But the guy really jacked up the price oki! It was $18!!!!!!
The guy on the phone said $10. Damn...but once again, for arjun :)
Ticket was really nice though! Seat K3. Just walked in head down, found the seat and sat, without looking up. I got an extreme right row towards the front. Seat was second from aisle.
So, i waited with my eyes on the hp the whole time, praying that the people who were gonna be my seatmates were nice people, not rowdy or troublemakers. God granted me my wish albeit, a bit too extremely; None came. For the first half hour, noone sat in my row, causing a guy behind me to remark to another fella, "seats ledha? ikkada kucho!", whilst pointing to the seats in my row. Thank god, the movie started screening just then, so saved by the credits and the lights out.
You do realise i said, 1st half hour?
Cos, after that this random guy came and sat next to me,in the aisle seat. After a few mins , he said " Ikkadu yevaraadhi undha? Problem ledhu kadha?". I just shook my head and said problem ledhu. I thought it was good in a way, cos that way, no potential troublemakers could sit next to me. And all was well till the intermission, except for excessive whistling,etc. But the folks were kind enough to move to the back if they wanted to dance. So, thank god. There wasn't an actual intermission break but the guy got up and left.
During the time, there was a scene where Brahmandam talks about speed marriage, and cites the theatre as example. Loosely translated, he says look at the girl on the sit next to you, get engaged by interval, get married and do "everything" else by "subham" scene. Watching with friends, haha, it will be funny. Watching from my position, er, not so. I was just thanking god that the fella was not in his seat when this scene was going on. He came awhile later.

But it's possible he still watched it, cos before you knew it, he asked me "Allu Arjun fanaa?". I wanted to reply " Allu Arjunantae naaku chala istham". But,i merely smiled and nodded.

A few scenes later ,
Guy-next-seat(GNS): " nuvvu peru enta?".
Arjun Lover: "J"
GNS: "nice name"
Arjun Lover: grim nod, and back to the screen.

A few more scenes later,

GNS: Meeru ikkada yenti chestunau?
Arjun Lover: (after a blur "huh")Cinema Choostunau
GNS: ikkada anthae ikkada kaadhu! singapoorlo yenti chestunau?study? working?
Arjun Lover: (while admiring Arjun on the screen) degree
GNS: O, ikkada studieskaagha ochaevaa
Arjun Lover: (smug look) Ledhu, nenu Singaporean
GNS: Blank

Even more scenes later
GNS: Naa peru S***( * in case of weird karma that the guy chances upon my blog)
Arjun Lover: (mindvoice: nenu adugaledhae!) Curt nod while looking at the screen
GNS: this part he was telling me what he does in singapore, but i stopped paying attention
Arjun Lover: nod again and back at the screen.

After that, i think he got the drift, cos apart from a sideways glance at me as though to share a mutual laugh with me (i didn't. i did laugh but looking at Arjun), there was no other gesture. Meanwhile, i was contemplating possible exit strategies in case the guy wants my no. or smthg. I was only being polite cos he held the access to the aisle. Luckily, the movie ended but the theare folks started screening the "Bangaru" song from Magadheera. So, people who got up started cheering and paused, letting me get past without any probz. GNS also stood up to leave, but stepped aside. Thank you Ram Charan- I owe u one!!
Outside, more curious looks and stares. So, i just whipped out my hp and yakked nonsensically to one of my best friends as a safety tactic, till i crossed the overhead bridge and took the bus safely.

Only after i walked out of the cinema, i thought how big an event was this. What could have possibly gone wrong (640pm - 915pm show). Never did I imagine I would do smthg like this. I probably only did it purely for the desire to see Allu Arjun on the big screen.
Arjun, nenu ninnu chala premisthaanu!!!!

As for the movie, i liked it, regardless of the mixed reviews. The amazing thing to me was I understood it!!! Nenu arthamcheskuntunau! While not a full 100%, i would confidently say 97%.
I only didn't understand certain dialogues in the scene where different family members, speak about marriage customs, as well as some extra dialogues by Arya and Venu Madhav. But everything else, done!!! amazed at myself!!!
My fave dialogue was Arjun saying " Veedu, Vaadu kaadhu, VARUDU!"! awesome man!!!!

Of course, the hype about the heroine. Honestly speaking, not out of jealousy(that comes in the next bit), I felt that i would have been a better heroine. I look way better than her without makeup,albeit not fair. The scenes without makeup made me think "I could have been better!!".
Pogaru? Not really. Just honest thoughts:P

The part i was freaking jealous about was of course the lip lock scene. But also the fact that she got to do the marriage rituals with Arjun. Acting with him must have been an awesome experience.I really liked the rituals done in the marriage and she is so lucky to get a chance to act with him. I really liked his costumes in the Relare song as well. Songs were pretty good, but this i was aware of even before watching the movie. Kudos to Arya for the excellent acting, but the dubbing voice didn't really suit him (no offence ravi-ji!).

Varudu, will remain close to my heart for more than one reasons. My very first Allu Arjun, or even Telugu movie on the big screen. Love you arjun and guess what? It's midnight-


Nicki said...

Girl, you are so silly! The things Allu Arjun make me do :)

You should read my post titled, There's Just Something about Allu Arjun, lol

You definitely had a crazy experience at the theater but anything for Allu Arjun ;P

Anonymous said...

Hi,I came here through Nicki's blog. Wow! What an experience. Very discriptive and you had me laughing in parts. You're brave. As much as I love the movies and stars I feel safer with a bunch of famly/friends and would not have risked it alone in India. It turned out just fine and you got to see the film and more imp. Arjun albeit with interruptions.

and what are u talking? your telugu is good.

Shona said...

Thank u so much for visiting my blog! Hahaha, will definitely catch that post:) Yes, Allu Arjun does make us do crazy things but anything for him...Btw, i will be starting a blog dedicated just to my sweetheart ;) it's gonna be at let u know once it's up and running...thanks again Nicki and i hope you will be a regular visitor..take care !!

Hi, I read your blog too! I'm so flattered someone actually reads my blog!
i realise I'm too into the details but haha, they are wat makes the event memorable, aren't they ;)
I speak Tamil actually..and whatever Telugu i know is solely from watching Telugu movies...and I'm from Singapore..but the theatre showing Varudu may as well be in India, since it was all foreign workers..haha, hope to see you drop by often..have a great day ahead!

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