I sure have come a LONG way from last year October when i watched Desamuduru, my first ever Telugu film. Since then, i have hopelessly fallen in love with Allu Arjun, admired Mahesh Babu, watched movies of Prabhas & Siddarth...Have become so immersed in the Telugu film world that now, Telugu songs are a regular on my daily playlist, I watch Telugu movies by the dozen, order them online after scouring all the local shops for them, visit Indiaglitz-Telugu section every few days, converse in Telugu with my family even though it annoys them...now comes the next wave of craziness...Venky frenzy!

Prior to past weeks, I have heard of Venkatesh but I have only watched him in Super Police, the tamil version and what i mainly remember about it is the songs, especially the title song...Anyway, that was ages... ages ago!

Namo Venkatesa- first Venkatesh Telugu movie i watched...wasn't that awesome but they had Arya 2 songs in there and i found Venkatesh's acting really good...think this was 2 weeks ago. after that i had my exams, so nvr really payed attention. Last Thurs (29Apr), exams were over...since then, Venky Frenzy's in full force.. I have been on youtube and megavideo for nearly 10-12 hours a day, watching Venkatesh movies!!!! It's been a week, and I'm yet to feel tired (though my eyes are starting to protest by becoming so dry:()...

Venkatesh, what a guy man!!!!!

Such impeccable comedy sense and awesome acting, be it sad, happy, serious characters....great actor! Since then, i have watched

1. Namo Venkatesa
2.Chintakayala Ravi
3.Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule
7.Subhash Chandra Bose
11.Jayam Manade Raa
13.Nuvvu Naaku Nachav
14.Kalisundam Raa
15.Pavithra Bandham
16. Chanti

..most of them were without subs, but cos many had Tamil versions, i could follow...and the list is gonna grow! I shall now look forward to his movies as well :)..I especially liked Sankranthi, Chintakayala Ravi, Lakshmi, Chanti and many others on this list! Gharshana, though of course, Surya looked more hot in the tamil version, I felt Venkatesh did an awesome job too...
I could probably yak and yak about him for each movie but in order not to bore, i shall just share SOME of the best Venkatesh movie moments :

1. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav-
the Brahmandam-Venky scene towards the end...where Brahmandam is shocked to find out Venky is/isn't the bridegroom..the exchange between them is too hilarious, especially with Venky's expressions....the best!!!

2. Namo Venkatesa -
i really liked Venky's way of praying to who else, Venky! He will do a series of actions very stylishly and quickly and the explanation he gave was also good. I also liked the scene where Trisha, her lover and Venky will be in the car and he switches on the car radio..Both songs were really apt situation songs (I dunno the first but the second was "poyae, poyae, lovae poyae...poyae poyindhae!" (Arya 2 -My love is gone!))...Venky's expression when the Arya 2 number comes up is too good!

3. Chintakayala Ravi - I actually liked alot of scenes in this movie...So, kinda hard to narrow down..
But one that i was laughing out REALLY LOUD non-stop was the scene where he goes to Berkeley to take an entrance test for a computer course. Before starting the exam, he places Vinayagar in front of me, offer flowers ,etc...Even that was ok..but when asked the qn "Who invented the first mouse?"...He goes " Mouse means (telugu word for mouse)...who invented it means? like duh, of course its mother invented it!" ahhahahahhahahaah! cannot take it man....
Another scene was the ending, when Anushka asks him what happened, he replies to her, "come along with us. since you missed our wedding, at least come see our first night", with a straight face. Following that everyone's responses to Anushka were also hilarious, cos she keeps interpreting it in the context of the first night! I read reviews that viewers didn't really like the crude humour used in the movie, but I enjoyed the movie alot.

4. Lakshmi -
A favourite Venky movie of mine, even though it has Nayantara whom i dislike. Thank god she was in a coma most of the movie, so that helped:P...the scenes were good, esp the one where the 1st sis seemed to be haughty like her own brothers but in the end, she slaps Shinde with the slipper instead... Even though Venky only had comedy in the flashback portion, he portrayed the strict brother role very well and i admire him in this movie!

5. Sankranthi -
another elder-bro role but he handled it very maturely and the lighter side could be seen in the flashback portion and newly-married scenes with Sneha...Awesome movie, even though the Tamil original was good, I prefer Venky to Mammooty:)

6- Malliswari
Again, most scenes were really nice, especially the beginning when he's desperately wanting to get married and the last scene where he rushes back to Katrina to tell her not to call him Pellikaani Prasad! The dream song with Gajala reminded me of the Ambulimaama song in Perazhaghan, where Surya dreams of getting married to Malavika...Enjoyed the movie!

There are so many more Venky moments, may probably need another post after watching more of his movies! Just briefly...for Chanti (chinna thambi), Pavitra Bandham (Priyamaanavale), Suryavamsam (Suryavamsam), Vasantham (Priyamana Thozhi), i have watched all the Tamil versions and I love all of them! Venky has justified his performances in the Telugu versions,making them my faves too!

His versatility is amazing and he still looks good even though he's gonna be 50...Venkatesh garu, i hope you continue to rock Telugu cinema!

Three cheers to Venkatesh, Namo Venkatesa! ;)

PS Priyamaina Arjunki, badapadokku! Even though i may admire many,You will always be my Varudu ;)


Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen Namo Venkatesa. I may check it out soon. Malliswari too, Katrina kaif hmmm, will have to think about that.

Venky is a great actor and very good comic timing too. He is hilarious in Chintakayala Ravi.

Least favorite is Tulasi. Didn't like the story much and Nayan is not a fav either.

Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, I like this almost equally to Vaseegara.

Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule, I saw Venky's first, liked it a lot and then saw the remake and felt Dhanush was more suited to the role, he looks more like a loser and it was more believable that he couldn't get Nayan's character. YNM probably the only film I really liked Nayan.

hehe..@ the PS at the end.

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